Zietsch, Uschi: The Woodzee Chronicles 3 – Pearlmoon

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Uschi Zietsch
The Woodzee Chronicles 3: Pearlmoon

„A great fantasy adventure that is impossible to resist after the first few pages.“ Lies-und-lausch

„More legends, heroism and epicness you will rarely find.“ Mediamania

The great epic about young knight Rowarn and his battle companions.
Centuries ago, a magical artifact shattered into seven pieces during a murderous war. Only the Two-Splitted, it is said, can heal the Tabernacle – but no one knows what will happen.
Who might it be? Will he use the powers for good or for bad?

All seems lost, Rowarn and his companions must flee from the Lightless Dubhan. It seems that Femris can no longer be stopped – so all the races join together once again in an alliance against him.
Rowarn sets out in search of the last Shards of the Tabernacle, and in the process gets into Demon Land and lost in deep waters.
In the end, the fate of the Two-Splitted bound to the Tabernacle must be fulfilled, and the decision as to whether Woodzee will fall into darkness will be made.


Uschi Zietsch
The Woodzee Chronicles 3: Pearlmoon