Zietsch, Uschi: The Woodzee Chronicles 1 – Demon Blood

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Uschi Zietsch
The Woodzee Chronicles 1: Demon Blood



Uschi Zietsch
The Woodzee Chronicles 1: Demon Blood

„A great fantasy adventure that is impossible to resist after the first few pages.“ Lies-und-lausch

„More legends, heroism and epicness you will rarely find.“ Mediamania

The great epic about young knight Rowarn and his battle companions.
Centuries ago, a magical artifact shattered into seven pieces during a murderous war. Only the Two-Splitted, it is said, can heal the Tabernacle – but no one knows what will happen.
Who might it be? Will he use the powers for good or for bad?

Twenty-year-old Rowarn grew up in the isolated valley of Inniu with foster parents, the centaur-like Velerii. Events come to a head when Rowarn’s tranquil world is shaken by the gruesome murders of young girls – and when a band of knights appears from a land beyond the mountains, ready to enlist recruits to fight for the Tabernacle.
Rowarn’s first test is to solve the girl’s murders. It looks like he’s involved because of his past. And in doing so, he drives himself into the story.
Out of a thirst for revenge, he will eventually follow the knights, as he learns who his mother is, that he should soon travel to her – but that she was murdered by the demon Nightfire. Gradually, however, Rowarn must realize that his part in the struggle for the artifact is far more significant, and revenge only secondary.
Rowarn enters Free Houses where the doors do not always lead to the same places, crosses wandering forests and dives into enchanted springs.